Monday, January 19, 2009

Cereal Box Clutch- Demo

Since my article on recycled purses (made from fused plastic bags and spare trash) came out this month in Cloth Paper Scissors, I've received lots of inquiries about making a cereal box clutch.  Well here is a quick tutorial!!

cereal box
variety of acrylic paint
sharpie pens
sewing machine
decorative button

Start by flattening you cereal box and then covering it with paint- mix your your paint on the surface and don't be concerned with perfection- let yourself be really MESSY! 

Stamp, scratch, swipe your way to color and texture!

Once all of your layers are dry and to your liking, trim it to the desired size- I like to trim off the folds and edges.  

Decide what kind of shape you would like- I folded it as simple as possible- like an envelope.

Paint the inside (or backside) with a solid and thick layer of paint. Let dry. 

Sew both sides with the sewing machine- I love the look of messy stitches so have fun with zig zag or fun straight stitches down the sides.

Sew a decorative button to the bottom front and then a looped ribbon for the closure 

Disguise your ribbon closure with a scrap that was cut off when trimming you bag- sew it over the top of where your ribbon is attached and go wild with stitches! 

There you have it! A purse made from a simple cereal box- 
Hopefully you will think twice about what you throw away!!!!!!!!


Genie said...

Thanks for the Tuturial

Debbie said...

fabulous tutorial, thank you from a Fat friend!

Anonymous said...

The simplest things! Wow! So neat and so cute, thanks for sharing!


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