Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Little Something...

A little something I like to call PROGRESS!!! I have been working during every spare moment- evenings, weekends, mornings before work and lunch time to produce a nice collection of things to sell at ArtFiberFest, Etsy, and all kinds of holiday opportunities! I am FINallY feeling more on top of stuff- the things that I make are labor intensive because I am literaly creating yardage and yardage of canvas paintings with lots of layers which usually means lots of drying time AND then I am cutting and sewing and turning all those paintings into one of a kind accessories which = TIME CONsumING!!! But I have reached a point in my process that I finally have a stock pile of painted canvas ready to be sewn up into lovely creations AND even better I have a stock pile of handmade product- feels so good!!

A little preview.....

and if you are attending ArtFiber Fest many of these items will be for sale during vendor night and if you are not attending but are interested in purchasing a custom purse or accessories feel free to email me or stay tuned for Etsy shop updates with all sorts of goodies for the holiday!!

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