Monday, October 01, 2007

Before and After

So here I am before working 2 jobs plus working as a freelance artist and writing a book- so fresh and happy.....
And here I am now...working 3 jobs (1 of which is now includes making it as making it as a freelance artist which is actually taking up more time than my two jobs!) AND writing a book. My wonderful husband snapped this shot of me this weekend while I was typing, trying to work on the book...

But in defense of my crazy hair (which I am trying to grow out) and my dark circles and what I think is my tongue sticking out the side of my mouth- I was working my bum off this weekend on making purses galore-

putting up with my brother and my hubby moving the furniture and playing Halo 3 for hours at a time-

and of course trying to finish my writing...maybe after Oct 12th- my deadline- I can go back to looking like my before pic!


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