Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Poor Foot

You might be asking yourself- what in the world is up with these feet??? Well, these feet were my focus this holiday weekend! My husband is an avid surfer and every year around this time he gets stung by a sting ray but this year it was BAD- his poor foot (which is usually very nice and slender) swelled up and kept swelling and swelling- he was not in pain, no fever, just very uncomfortable and couldn't walk on it! But it now seems that he has now developed a bit of an allergy to sting rays over time. So after a trip to a crowded ER yesterday in which we walked in the office and changed our minds and then went straight back to the car where we called our surfing EMT friend who offered some helpful advice and comfort!! After another call to the doc today, it seems he has to just let time pass and ride it out- perfect excuse for Andy to have another day at home!! In the meantime, San Diego had record temps this weekend- yesterday was in the 100's!!! I am hoping this week will be a little more peaceful and cool.


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