Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day Three

So here I am- day three at home from my day job- still sick- and while it is nice to be at home, my head is so congested that I can't seem to focus on doing anything. So I have been laying around watching day time tv and I can only watch so many episodes of the Tyra show or TLC remodeling shows or MTV reality shows! I received the thumbnail for my book in the mail and it is so exciting to see the photos from the shoot back in July. I should be working on it but instead I have decided to do all sorts of things to occupy my sick days at home like painting my toes blue, eating lots of chips and cheese dip and looking up trashy celebrity gossip sites...ugggg!! This afternoon I decided enough is enough and sat down to paint a little and now I am exhausted but feel good about at least accomplishing something.


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