Friday, September 07, 2007

But a Speck in Time

Today is my 3 year wedding anniversary. It was early morning on Sept 7th that Andy and I were married on the rocky coastline in Monterey, CA- it was just the two of us- I guess you could say we eloped but with everyone’s blessing. It was the beginning of an adventure, we set out after that morning and made our way up the coastal 101, exploring California and Oregon and finally reaching my lovely hometown of Seaside, Oregon where we spent time relaxing and bonding with family. It was such a lovely way to start our marriage and so very “us” to do things in our own unique way.

When I think about it three years sounds so small compared to everything that has happened - so bittersweet at times-challenging-amazing. Life is never boring with my husband- he is a free spirit who always inspires adventure and flying by the seat of our pants!! We have experienced so many adventures and travels, grown together and also faced many challenges that we never expected to encounter.

I have known my husband for close to 10 years and it feels like forever, he feels like home, like a piece of me that I cannot remember not having in my life. I know that three years is but a speck in time but for me it has been the most enlightening and life changing speck and I cannot wait to see what comes next!


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