Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog Love Addendum and Unrelated Varia

I have had it with blogspot!!! I keep having trouble with it publishing my drafts instead of my actual revised entry so now it appears that I don’t revise my entries…AHHHH! Please note the addendum below- sorry Linda !

….Linda Woods has this wonderful knack for wit and honesty that is inspiring to me! Since finding her blog I have stopped feeling guilty about the profanity that escapes from my mouth, consumed more doughnuts (guilt free) and found comfort knowing there are other women out there who love breaking the rules!!

In unrelated creative news- I am obsessed with all of the new tv shows and actually love September because of this- I am excited that Heroes is back but have a feeling it might be getting quite complicated but who cares- it’s entertainment! I really enjoyed the new show Chuck and Kid Nation was cute and entertaining, I am excited for Bionic Woman, happy to be watching Survivor and one of my most favorite shows, No Reservations on the Travel Channel is back with new episodes. I won’t list anymore (and there is more!) because it already sounds like I watch too much TV.

I am losing sleep because of obnoxious college girls outside our window smoking and blabbing at strange times of the night and I am determined to catch them and lecture them about respect for their community- but last night I was too cozy and too concerned about how crazy I would look in my robe (usually I have appropriate attire laid out next to the bed just for these situations) Unfortunately this is one of the downsides of living and working in a college resident hall- normal life patterns become anything but normal!

Working and living in academia I have had more discussions this week about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at Columbia University and I am officially burnt out on political discussions and have made a vow not to talk politics and controversy for at least 1 week!


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