Monday, June 17, 2019

NEW summer class! the nature journal

There is nothing in this world that inspires me more than nature! From color, pattern, texture and sound, nature is my favorite place to seek and find inspiration. In this class we will be using an art journal to explore all kinds of prompts, mixed media techniques and exercises that revolve around the natural world.
With nature as our muse we will work through 1 lesson a day for 30 days. I will be sharing all kinds of drawing, mixed media and painting exercises- from drawing the wind to capturing texture to recording weather to finger painting landscapes, expressive drawing, collecting and documenting treasure and so much more- my hope is the inspiration to grab that art journal and go explore that big beautiful world!

The Nature Journal
Early Bird SALE $20.00 $30.00
Class launches July 1st

more information or register HERE

1 comment:

Maya Kuzman said...

Alisa, I just bought the class and cannot contain my excitement and anticipation!!! Cannot wait for it to start! Thank you!


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