Monday, April 22, 2019

play with lines

In my opinion, having a good understanding and appreciate for lines will make you better at drawing! And lines are everywhere- from the grain on wood to grassy fields to twigs and branches to the details on a flower- all kinds of lines can be found in the world around you, if you take the time to look closely.

A big part of my own sketching practice is taking time to document and explore lines. 

I don't spent lots of time or effort, often this is something I do when I don't have the time to sketch- but instead I take 10-15 minutes to look for inspiration and document all kinds of different lines in my sketchbook. I have found (after doing this for years) that becoming aware of lines and how they work has made me a better artist. Whether I am drawing or painting something (abstract or representational), I have become so aware of how I can use all kinds of different lines in my work.

I want to encourage you to take a little time and dedicate a few pages to exploring lines:
  • Start by looking to the world around you. Take notice of where you see lines. Use spring and things that come with spring as inspiration.
  • Challenge yourself to document those lines on your pages.
  • (As usual) forget about perfection and focus more on being expressive with those lines.
  • Challenge yourself to fill the entire page OR keep layering and adding lines to your pages over time. 
  • Use this exercise as a way to warm up, as a way to get creative when you have limited time or as a reference for future sketches.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, love the lines that can be found in nature. Exposed tree roots, rock, cliffs, shells are some of my favorites. I even find pictures in the grain of the wood in the gym floor where I exercise. Its like someone drew things in the grain and by it turning into lumber we are able to see the drawings!


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