Tuesday, November 13, 2018

creating with Jules: monstera leaf earrings

Hello creatives! My earring supply has been low for a while, so I thought I’d craft some new ones, out of one of my favorite supplies: polymer clay.

You’ll need:

White Polymer Clay*
Rubber Printing Block*
Lino Cutting Tool
Acrylic Paints, including Gold
Clear Liquid Polyclay*
E6000 Glue
2 Earring Stud Posts & Clasps

*There are a few different brands of these items, I personally use Sculpey Polymer Clay, Kato Liquid Polyclay and Renoir Ezy Carve Printing Blocks.

First, draw a monstera leaf with greylead using the diagram. Think about the size of earring you want and make your drawing a little smaller than that.

Cut the drawing out and place it face down onto a small piece of the rubber block and burnish it down with the back of a spoon to transfer the drawing to the rubber.

Carve the negative areas away around the leaf using a lino cutting tool. You will need to press your little stamp into some clay to check it and keep cutting away areas that are interfering with the design.

Roll two small balls of clay and gently press them down to flatten. Impress your leaf stamp into both pieces of clay and bake in the oven. 

Once cool, paint all over with dark green paint. When that’s dry, highlight the edges around the leaf with some lighter colors like turquoise, light green, and a touch of white. Paint around the edges with gold acrylic paint.

When the paint is dry, cover with a layer of the liquid clay and bake again according to the instructions on the liquid clay bottle. 

Last of all, attach your earring posts to the back of your creations using the glue. Let cure.

And wear!

I’m so happy to have some new earrings!

Jules :)

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