Monday, January 29, 2018

making art on a budget

CHEAP CRAFT PAINT is something that I always have on hand when I am creating. At about .50 a bottle I am able to keep all kinds of colors around to use in a variety of projects. I use the cheaper paint when I am working on more crafty projects or if I am working with lots of colorful layers in canvas, fabric or paper projects. I have found that while the cheaper paint is not as vibrant as more expensive brands, it will works great for me.

Cheap acrylic paint is also perfect for getting accustomed to working with acrylic paint without spending too much money. 

One of the best paint supply tips I can share is keeping HOUSE PAINT on hand when creating. Back in college when I was a painting major, many of us couldn't afford gesso so the next best thing was house paint and I have used house paint ever since! From priming different surfaces- to mixing it with acrylic paint- to splattering and dripping- house paint is a really great affordable supply to keep on hand. I like to keep a gallon of white primer around the studio but just about anything (even leftover paint from house projects) will work. Often if I have a bigger project that require lots of paint I will purchase colorful house paint to use instead of acrylic paint.

Canvas will always be my favorite surface to work on but it can get expensive when working large:

Purchasing large canvas that is stretched is really expensive so I always recommend learning to stretch your own. Most art supply stores will sell stretcher bars and yardage of canvas- sometimes they will actually show you how to stretch or there are all kinds of resources online when it comes to stretching. I shared THIS POST a few years ago on stretching canvas.  

I love using canvas drop clothes from Home Depot- they are an affordable way to work large with canvas

Dick Blick has EVERYTHING you can imagine when it comes to affordable canvas HERE 
Canvas by the yard- HERE 
Stretched canvas - HERE 
Canvas drop cloths from Home Depot- HERE

SHARPIE PENS are pretty much my favorite (cheap) permanent marker to use in a variety of projects. From drawing in my sketchbook to adding doodles in my canvas paintings to drawing on all kinds of things (like a dishwasher, dinnerware, Easter eggs, pumpkins, furniture and more) a permanent marker can be useful in all kinds of art and craft projects. I always have a variety of Sharpies (or permanent markers) on hand- it is probably the most important tool that I use because because it is so versatile.  

Water soluble pens or pens that are NOT permanent can be used in all kinds of different ways! My favorite way it to actually make use of their non permanent nature and get them wet and then use the pigment to paint with. This is a trick that I have been using for years and actually something that is great if you have a limited budget, time or space for supplies.

I like to keep lots of really cheap CRAYOLA WATERCOLOR SETS on hand! I throw them in my purse, keep a set in the car and keep a few on hand for my daughter. Surprisingly they are very vibrant, can be mixed to created unique colors and at $2-$3 each, they can be beat up and even lost without too much guilt!


astr!d said...

LOVE!! as much as I'd like to spend a ton of cash at the art store, I am always hesitant. being creative doesn't have to be super expensive and I love that you always remind us of that!!

Deb Dane said...

Here in Australia all paint is pricy (even cheap craft paint is $3/little bottle) including house paint but I am going to compare prices for house paint/primer with gesso asap. Thanks for the tip. Sharpies are one of my favourite tools to have on hand!!


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