Wednesday, August 02, 2017

my favorite white pens!

My long time followers will know that white pens are a really important supply in my creative tool box. And since I get asked all the time (pretty much every day), what kind of white pens I like, I thought I would share my favorite white pens today!

1. Uni- Ball White Signo PenSo this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE white pen (at least for now). The Uni-Ball Signo is a gel pen that is smooth, bright and has very clean lines. They are archival, water and fade resistant. They are VERY opaque which means they work really well on dark surfaces.

2. Sakura Gelli Roll White Gel Pen: Coming in second place for me is the Sakura White Gelli Roll pen! It's creamy, has great flow and it's waterproof! I love using this pen when I am drawing on black paper.

3. Posca White Paint Pen: I really love the Posca white paint pens! They are super opaque and will work on pretty much any surface. I love using them when I am working over the top of acrylic paint on canvas.

4. Faber-Castell White Pitt Pen:  These pens are another favorite because they are filled with opaque white India ink. They have a bullet shaped nip which means you can can create a variety of marks and strokes. I love them when I am drawing on dark paper.

5. Derwent Graphic White Line Painter: A fun water based paint pen. A cool feature of this pen is that the paint is water-soluble when wet which means you can move pigment around on the page but once it's dry, it comes permanent.

6. Zig Writer White Chalk Pastel Pen: While the Zig pen is not my most favorite, the bullet tip is perfect for adding adding dots and marks to my art journal pages. 

7. White Sharpie Paint Pen: I pretty much love any kind of Sharpie and the white, oil based paint pens are great for drawing on all kinds of surfaces. I like to use them on painted canvas, painted fabric, wood and layered art journal pages.

8. Sakura White Pen-Touch Paint Marker: I have always LOVED these pens! They are waterproof, fade resistant and they have really good flow. I love using them to add tiny dots and details to my acrylic paintings

Use those white pens to draw on dark backgrounds! I love using black paper. 

And I also really love drawing over the top of dark and colorful watercolor and acrylic backgrounds.

I use white pens to add small marks and details.

White pens are also great for writing and journaling over the top of photos. 

Or you can also use those white pens to draw and doodle over the top of a photo or magazine page.

I use those white pens for adding highlights and adding contrast to my black line drawings


Summer Whittaker said...

Your work is incredible. I always struggle finding that good quality white pen so I am certainly going to be looking into these on Amazon!


Unknown said...

Such beautiful work!

mary noble said...

This is all super helpful information!! Loved seeing the different ways you can use white pens and your projects -- putting details together on how you specifically made these projects using the specific pens would make a great online class (hint, hint)!

Judy Shea said...

I think the links are switched in some of these urls. But, thank you for a great review.

Unknown said...

Wow! I am blown away by your work. I am not an artist, though would love to be and I never knew you could do so much with white! Definitely going to purchase your top two when I find them. Thank you for a wonderful blog post. I plan to use this idea for some traveler's notebook dashboards.


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