Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Creating With Jules: Christmas Baubles

Hello! I’m back with a colourful Christmas craft: Geometric Patchwork Baubles. These are easy to make, and with a little help (depending on age) it can be a fun craft to do with kids. 
We love crazy colour in this household, but you could make yours in any colour way or style you like. Just choose the materials that speak to you or that you’re naturally drawn to.

And what a great stash- busting project! I knew there was a reason I hoarded all those pretty scraps that were too good to throw away.

-Fabric Scraps
-Foam Craft Balls
-Coloured top pins
-Little pom poms

-Plastic knife
-Scalpel or similar cutting tool
-Sewing needle & thread

Take the foam ball and draw out geometric shapes randomly all over. It doesn’t matter if you end up with some big and some small shapes. 

Cut into and along these lines with your sharp cutting tool. 

Now take a piece of fabric that is larger than one of your shapes and start pushing it into the cuts made with your plastic knife. You can trim the fabric as you go to the right size. If you get it wrong it’s easy enough to pull out and start again. 

Keep going around until your whole shape is covered in pretty fabric pieces.

Now take your chosen wool colour and wrap it and pin it between the pieces of fabric as shown. Push the pins all the way into the foam ball. You may need to cut your wool, or just double it up in some places as shown in the photo. 
Take your needle and thread and stitch two tassels together and then through a mini pom pom. Attach to the bottom of the bauble. 

Take a loop of wool for the top and tie it together and then pin it into the top. For extra strength here I suggest you also sew it to some fabric on the bauble so that it’s not easily pulled off it’s hanging loop by little fingers if there’s kids in your house. We don’t want any pins falling out causing accidents!
Thread a bead onto the top loop as shown.

You are now ready to hang your bauble. We made a few of them and we still have some in progress here. I think they're going to make great colourful additions to our Christmas tree this year!

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Kob Koon Kaa said...

Very, very nice and simple. Think I will try to make this.

Nancy said...

Great tutorial- thanks so much! These look like a lot of fun.

Stephanie said...

Great project idea. Thanks!

Donna said...

Love it ☺

Mary Sane said...

I love this! Quirky and fun. :)

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Very Sweet


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