Wednesday, October 16, 2013

paper garland

I've got another simple and fun projects for Brother and their new Scan N Cut machine!

I love garlands and I am always looking for unique ways to create simple garlands. I used my Brother Scan and Cut to create a few really fun and creative garlands!

I started by cutting simple shapes from my scan and cut. I used a variety of the preloaded shapes (triangles, circles and hearts) and cut them in a variety of colors.

Next, I glued my shapes (with my glue gun) to a white ribbon.

I used the same process to create a word garland! I used the letters that were preloaded in the machine and glued them to another ribbon.

Then I decided to get even more creative! I scanned a line drawing of a flower doodle and cut out my doodle out and glued to a ribbon.

And since I love garlands SO much I couldn't resist taking the concept a step further for Lucy's room! I created A LOT of strands of simple shapes and even some words to create a statement wall for Lucy's room!  A SUPER easy idea project that could be altered for the different seasons!


jinxxxygirl said...

The Lucy garland wall art would have been so much cooler if you would have carried the theme of diamonds into the actual garland....diamond shapes sprinkled in , instead of mostly circles........

Alisa Burke said...

I thought about doing that but I love all the different shapes and will be changing out the words throughout the year :)

Paige said...

AND diamonds come in all shapes! I look forward to seeing how you change things out throughout the year. And OH MY GOSH is she really so big AND cute! You are one lucky momma!!

astr!d said...

love this!!!

studioGypsy said...

fun fun fun!!!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

realllly sweeeet is that having a theme song all her life


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