Friday, August 10, 2012

fashion friday- red skinny jeans


Picture 2


Monica said...

You are too cute! I love that outfit! If I wasn't so old and "fluffy" I'd be wearing stuff like that too!

Barbara said...

Very cute! I'm gonna find me some red jeans :)

Susan Houseman said...

Love the skinny jeans, I just had to buy some green ones for my daughter. She also wants a pair of red ones, she thinks they are so AMAZING:-)

Sandy Hurtado said...

So cute! I love the red, white, and black combo!

And for those that say they can't wear colored/skinny jeans... I beg to differ! I can help ;)

se7en said...

Just totally love your red skinny jeans!!!

Julie Arthur // said...

Hi Alisa,
I did a blog post about your blog and how it inspires me. I featured your post about FAQ and linked everything to your page! Hope you can check it out! :)

Guam_mummy said...

cute outfit and love the new header!

Debra Kapellakis said...

you look great


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