Sunday, December 04, 2011

guest post-repurposed plastic photo flower from tracie lampe post

I have asked a few of my creative friends to help me out with my blog here and there during my time with a new baby and today's guest post comes to you from Tracie Lampe
I first made a plastic photo flower pot for my friends children's birthday, she has 3 children so I made her a pot with a flower for each one. The best thing about this project is you probably have everything in your house! You can make them without the photo in the center for an event like a baby shower or birthday party!
Step 1
Plastic bottle
Spray paint
3 inch circle punch
Plastic silverware ( for stem)
Plastic caps
Plastic container ( yogurt cup, cottage cheese container or whatever you have on hand)
* Plastic glue- this is the one thing you probably don't have but you can find it at a hobby shop it's used for plastic models or you can use super glue.
Floral foam or styrofoam foam
Paper glaze ( optional )

Step 2
2) cut bottle in 1/2 then cut petals ( they can be however long or short you want them to be), push petals open & spray paint (you only have to spray paint the front)
3) punch out picture & cardboard. Glue picture to cardboard & cover picture with paper glaze. Once dry glue into the center of bottle flower.

4) glue fork to back of flower with plastic glue or super glue. Let dry.
5) spray paint pot, let dry. Put floral foam or styrofoam in center of pot then push bottom of stem into foam. Fill with rocks so that it's weighted down then top with plastic caps.

My name is Tracie Lampe I live in Pinckney, MI with my family. It recently has been brought to my attention that I am an extremest! Recycling just wasn't enough I had to make stuff with it, crocheting wasn't enough I had to spin the yarn too, buying butter that too just didn't cut it I make my own now( working on making my own sour cream & yogurt too). My inspiration is Garbage, I know its not your normal inspiration but when I see a loaded up trash can I spot things in there and my wheels start spinning on how I can turn it into something useful! My husband says everyday is an adventure with me... So why not join me on my adventure check out my website/blog at

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clever darling!

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i tried to go to her site and it says not found :(

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