Monday, May 09, 2011

updates from the studio

Sew Wild

Ok folks- as usual there is a lot going on over here so I thought I would give a few updates. My new book Sew Wild is just about finished! I spend all weekend reading through and doing the last edits of all 144 pages and it is looking FABULOUS- it is totally unique and "outside" the box and I am so proud of all the work that went into it. It is scheduled for release in August and I just can't wait!!!



I am hitting the road tomorrow to teach in North Carolina at Donna Downey's Artist Inspired event and I am so excited!! I will be taking you all along with me of course :)

Picture 2

I return from North Carolina for a couple of day and have to switch gears to teach at CREATE in Costa Mesa! While my Larger Than Life is sold out my other three classes have a few spots left. For more information visit the CREATE site here!


The amazing Jenny Doh has put together a reverse auction for Japan and I have a painting included! Head over to Crescendo to see all of the amazing artwork from TONS of talented artists and get involved in raising money for Japan.

If you missed my announcement last week- my next online is here- WATERCOLOR BLISS is here and registration is open and class starts on June 6th. All of the details and registration info is HERE


And last... for now...I am still working on the new website and online shop (it is SO close to being done) and due to my travel schedule things are getting pushed back a little more. But soon, VERY SOON the site will be live.

And because I feel bad about the delays- tomorrow I will be hosting a giveaway with a handful of the new handmade products from the shop! So check in tomorrow to enter to win :)


huntla1 said...

Hi Alisa. I have been following your blog since I learned you were one of the Inspired teachers. After following your work, I can't wait to meet you and have the opportunity to learn from you in person! See you in a few days!

Elaine said...

Alisa, you've been a joy to work with on your wonderful book!

Elizabeth said...

Don't foget to take a few moments to BREATHE!!!!!! You are one busy Chick!! Can't wait to get my hands on your new book!!!!
travel Safe!

Kay said...

wow..busy girl..have fun.

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Everything looks wonderful! I can't wait to get my hands on this new book -- congrats!

pigwidget said...

My heart is so filled with happiness for you, Alisa, and all your upcoming projects. I sincerely hope to be able to meet you in person one of these days, until then I am forever glued to your blog. Since rediscovering you my creative world has opened up and I feel very much redefined creatively. Thank you :)

nadia said...

woo! SO excited about your new book. congratulations! wish I could be at inspired to meet you in person. sadly I will have to miss out this year. have fun which of course is silly to say because I seriously think you are going to be blown away by the fun you will have. inspired is truly a unique event and I was thrilled to see your name appear on the line up. I cannot wait to see the new products that you are going to have available! looks amazing! I am hoping to join your watercolor class. fingers crossed. happy day and safe travels alisa! ciao!

ileen said...

Hi Alisa, your book sounds fabulous and inspiring!! I have been following your blog for awhile and am so inspired by your work (and cooking) ;-P I am signed up for the Free Motion Graffiti workshop in Costa Mesa and am looking forward to meeting you in person!!

Lisa said...

Judging your new book by it's cover... I'd say it's going to be super fantastic! I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!


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