Monday, August 10, 2009

Graffiti Chic

I have been a little behind with sharing student work from my online classes! So since another round of my class Graffiti Chic just started last week I thought I would share work from the last class which was 5 weeks in May as a little preview of what to expect!

If you are looking for a really fun, messy and totally freeing class in the comfort of your own home...this class is for YOU!! I am always completely surprised and TOTALLY inspired to see how people put their own spin on the techniques that I teach and once again the May class blew me away!!! Here are a few student samples


lee said...

wonderful work by all the students, the colours are bright and wild really cool

Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

I loved your Graffiti Chic class, Alisa. It was hard at first for me to loosen up, but once I got into it, BAM! It's like second nature :)
It's a fave technique now, and I've been going crazy "graffiti"-ing almost everything. Thanks for offering it!

Unknown said...

What a surprize and delight to see my work on your blog !
It just so happens that yesterday I purchased my first three cans of "Montana" spray paint with "6" different spray width attachments...
The young man at the art store thought it was to cool, it wanted to know what high school I taught at.
Thanks Alisa, Your the Best!

Xanthe said...

Thanx so much for using my "Poe" painting on your blog! I had so much fun using your techniques and I'm sorry for not posting too many images. I did a lot of experimenting and not everything is "web-worthy" *grins*

Now the tough part (as always when I take a class) is how do I take what I learned and make it my own???? I do sell my artwork and I have my own voice. I would never want to be accused of being an "Alisa Burke" wannabe.

Keep on teaching, you do a wonderful job!

Carmen said...

These are so cool! Looks like a great class!!!

Karoda said...

I hadn't popped over here in weeks to see what you've been up to and lookey here, I'm smiling and am energized (at midnight) by seeing one of my pieces here!!!

Loved the workshop and the video format!

Karen Davis

Our Hands For Hope said...

You must be a great teacher to pull creativity like this out of your students! Great job!


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