Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marketing Monsters

So for anyone out there who doesn't not know- I work by day at the University of San Diego in the Marketing department.  I juggle a lot of stuff in my life and thankfully I have a creative job in a creative department with fellow creative souls!! As busy as the holidays get I just can't help making things for as many people as I can (its a problem!) and I decided for my 9-5 peeps I would create something straight out of the pages of my book Canvas Remix- Messy Monsters (which happens to be my favorite project ever).  With a little painted canvas cut into whimsical shapes, two buttons and simple stitching you have funky little creatures full of character!!  I decided to call them Marketing Monsters and created little gift tags for each creature!  A fun cheap and easy way  to create a small handmade gift!   

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