Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jumping Around

I have been working all night in my studio jumping from one thing to another- I am in the midst of finishing up projects for an upcoming article for Somerset Workshop. I am so close to being done but still lots of work to do! Here is a little preview- can't share what it is....but it is made of canvas- you probably guessed that!!

I also finished three more canvas journals that I will be adding to my shop tomorrow morn. They are made from painted canvas and recycled paper- All ready to be written in, pasted, painted or even sewn! 

TIP:  And last I have a great tip for all you crafty people out there- Those who have taken my classes know that I always have a can of house paint on hand- I have used house paint since college (when I was a poor art student and used it in place of gesso).  I still use house paint for priming canvas (or even fabric), mixing with color to extend, for splattering and just about anything else that I suddenly need while painting and creating.  The best part is that it is cheap!!

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