Sunday, August 03, 2008


I have been working all weekend- jumping from one project to another and working on some really neat purses that will be part of a "green" gallery exhibition in September- more info to come! I think life has caught up with me- between starting a new job, family visiting and then all the stuff that has come up with my book and my creative life...I'm exhausted and there is no end any time soon! My days are full, my evenings are full and brain is about to over flow! Lately I have found myself questioning if I made the right decisions in the path that I am on, trying to make the switch from fine artist into the crafting world has really meant putting myself out there, hoping my creative concepts will translate, hoping people will understand my book (so far I am still skeptical about this one due to yet another bad review!) chasing my creative dreams while still working a day job so that we can pay the bills.  Sometimes it seems like life would be easier if I didn't have this crazy desire to paint and create- but it is unstoppable and I LOVE the process of making art so much that it makes my questions, my exhaustion, the bad reviews all seem like nothing compared the the pure JOY I get from sitting in my studio for hours painting- this much I know is true. 


kass said...

please don't doubt yourself Alisa - you are so talented and as someone who has made the transition from craft to fine art, your work makes the switch effortlessly and with a lot more finesse than most. You are a star - no more self-doubts ok!

Russty said...

Alisa, I have to agree with Kass. You have amazing talent. There are always going to be people who don't quite get you. Ignore those people and push forward. You have great things to offer the art world. You were a great inspiration to me at the Long Beach quilt show. Just keep on doin what your doing, cuz you rock!

nadia said...

the people who don't get it or give you a bad review are obviously not in the here and now. your stuff is amazing and I love it as do many people who have looked at your book and your blog.

lee said...

hey I bet even Picasso got bad reviews.......You have so much talent it is unbelivable.

violette said...

I think doubt is something most artists contend with...i sure do! Your art and spirit are wonderful! Keep on keeping on! Just be you.

Love, violette


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