Monday, June 02, 2008

Bathroom- Before and After

Today will be full of posts because there is so much exciting stuff going on! And to start the day I have to share the before and after pictures of our bathroom which quickly turned into a nightmare scenario after starting our renovation- water damage, 5 layers of water soaked flooring, termites, plumbing problems- uggghhh- we had to gut the ENTIRE bathroom...AND...we are finally done and happy to say that we did it all ourselves (thank goodness for a husband that is a structural engineer and a dad that has tons of renovation experience). I am so happy with the end result, it is crisp, fresh and most importantly- really, really clean!!!

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Saucy said...

Your bathroom reno is looking great and I have to say that, being in the midst of a huge reno myself - this is no small feat! Isn't it amazing that it can get so dirty and gross during the project but the end result is so squeaky clean, you can hardly bring yourself to move back in?


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