Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Catch Up!

I have been such a bad blogger lately...yet again! But as usual things have been crazy and I am just trying to catch up! Thankfully I have been able to start back in with my gym routine- slowly but surely I will be working back up to my normal routine (i hope!) and I actually went with my hubby to beach one early morning this last weekend to walk and to take pics of him in the water, this was just what I needed before starting the day! Other than my typical stuff, I have been working to make class proposal deadlines, projects for a few different publications, completely revamping my website and opening an Etsy store and these are just the big projects I am trying to tackle before the holiday weekend....AND...to top it off I woke up with a strange rash on my arms this morning- it looks like an allergy-and I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am allergic to. So I am now all looped up on benadryl trying get rid of it...argggghhh!
After Thanksgiving everything is going to hit and life is going to get even more INSANE making stuff and filling small orders and project requests. Check back soon because I will be posting all kind of fun stuff and opportunities!!


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