Monday, October 02, 2006

So I traveled up to Laguna Beach on Saturday to give a museum/gallery tour for the University of San Diego's Board of Trustees. Boy was that nerve racking!! I had to be on very good behavior, which is not that hard but I was nervous about not offending anyone and being happy and upbeat the whole time!! The worst part for me was my wardrobe- I was nicely asked to wear white shirt and kaki pants and then wear a USD scarf around my neck. One of the galleries that I walked into, I was asked if I was a flight I had to walk around Laguna looking like a flight attendant...great eh? Oh well, I was paid very nicely and it was actually a lot of fun to spend a day dedicated to fine art. If you haven't been to the Laguna Museum...go...they always have really fun pop art exhibits come through and it sits a top a lovely cliff overlooking the ocean. Sunday, I spent cleaning my art room, unloading and cleaning my car and hanging out with Andy. A nice clean art room just made me want to create so I started on some more art and made another mess, oh well!


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