Wednesday, January 24, 2018

it's ok to be weird!

Anyone else out there struggle with feeling weird? Or even not fitting in? For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt a little weird, like I didn’t fit in, like my thoughts and views were not quite the “norm”, like I was a walking contradiction, like everyone else around me was part of the “the club” and I wasn’t invited.
I got a D+ in color theory class my sophomore year of college even though color was my biggest passion in art. 
I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 22 years old. 
It took me 7 years to complete my art degree. 
It took me over 15 years to create a viable art business! 
I am a Christian but I don’t like going to church. 
I am afraid of pretty much everything- especially the dentist, driving in the snow and river rafting. 
I’ve always felt SO awkward with lots of friends and instead prefer one good friend. 
I am SUPER uncomfortable talking in front of a group of people but I love teaching so. 
I am SO SHY unless I’m mad and then I have superpowers! 
I’d rather be alone than go along with who/what is cool or trendy. 
I spent a good part of my life getting TERRIBLY made fun of for my pale skin and freckles. 
I am super random, flakey and spontaneous but I love to plan.
This random list of nutty facts about Alisa could go on and on and on! And for a very long time I let many of the quirky and unusual things about myself hold me back. I let them affect and influence the way that I lived my life until I finally discovered that it’s the complicated, unusual, mysterious, layered, goofy, nonsensical things that make us all so darn special! When I started owning who I was, when I began to appreciate the complexity of who I am and what I do, I started to show up in this world with confidence and pride. Because there is nothing worse than changing who you are simply to fit in. There is nothing worse than hiding the pieces of yourself that make you so incredibly special! So my friends today I want you to know that it’s ok to weird, it’s ok not to fit in and it’s ok to own it!  


Leanne said...

Yep! We could've sisters. Except for the art business thing. I haven't started that yet --using this year to discern.

Farbenformerin Angela said...

You speak right out of my heart.

Suman Pandit said...

this so speaks to me dear Alisa....esp the "I am SO SHY unless I’m mad and then I have superpowers! " happens with me too...and boy...then no one stop me !!! I think we sort of enjoy our madness too !!

Anonymous said...

Love the post; Im 'weird' too.:)

Sue said...

weird and brave - thanks for sharing yourself so honestly for the rest of us who are weird and not as daring as you - it is appreciated

Christy said...

Cheers to Weirdness!!

Lisette Eisenga said...

Absolutely cheers to that! I can relate to so much, including the pale skin and freckles :) In addition I'm a nerdiegirl but i prefer spending time offline.

anja said...

i can relate fact only yesterday i posted something about "i am enough" because when i don't tell myself so i could believe quite the opposite....
thank you for this booster up!

Gumbo Lily said...

Thank you for being so transparent with us. I like you.

Textile and Stitch said...

Haha, I am super random, flakey and spontaneous but I love to me! In a web full of homogeneity, you've remain d such an authentic voice. I love watching your art, business and family grow :)

A. Norville said...

I hear ya, and also appreciate your honesty! I am just starting to embrace my weirdness and it feels good :)

jabbott said...

Me too weird, love your blog x

Kim Collister said...

Your so weird, your me! I totally own it.
Love your blog.


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