Tuesday, June 14, 2016

tie dye chair

I've had my eye on tie dye and Shibori furniture for a while. Our living room is a relaxed mix of boho and beach inspired decor and I thought a tie dye chair would go great! But there is no way I was going to spend the money. So the next best thing in my world is to figure out a way to make my own!

My inspiration
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I grabbed a white cotton sheet, a few packages of Tulip One-Step Dye Kits in blue and got busy creating some yardage of dyed fabric.

I used two different techniques. I can't go as far to say that these techniques are 100% Shibori but I did my best with limits on my time and materials. For one piece of fabric, I used an accordion fold that I bound with rubber bands. The other piece of fabric I made ring patterns by gathering up a handful of fabric and binding it with rubber bands- I filled the entire surface with these rings.

I followed the directions for the one step dye and let my fabric sit for about 6 hours then washed and dried it!

The result are some really fun pieces of blue fabric that have that tie dye/Shibori vibe I was going for!

I have an old chair that belonged to my grandparents that I keep at my studio. I have plans to some day have this chair professionally upholstered but not any time soon! So I brought the chair home and used No-Sew Fabric Glue to make a couple of temporary and simple covers for the cushions and ruffle. 

While the chair is nowhere near perfect, I LOVE the beachy and relaxed vibe it adds to our living room!


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