Wednesday, April 27, 2016

smoothie bowls

If you haven't heard of smoothie bowls, you are totally missing out! Currently they are a breakfast trend that is sweeping the nation and I am super happy about it! While I eat healthy most of the time, I have a really bad habit of skipping breakfast. I've never liked eating in the morning. My problem is that nothing sounds good to me until about 10am which can be a challenge because I get up at 6am, exercise and need good nutritional fuel for my body. Then smoothie bowls came into my life and I am happy to say I am starting my day with a big, colorful bowl of goodness.

So a smoothie bowl is basically a really thick smoothie that you pour into a bowl and sprinkle with all kinds of yummy and healthy toppings. I think the reason I am enjoying smoothie bowls so much is because it feels like you are eating a giant bowl of ice cream for breakfast!


To make a smoothie that you eat with a spoon, you need to make it thick. I typically use an avocado to thicken up my smoothies.

I also don't go crazy with tons of fruit inside my smoothies- I typically try to use mostly green veggies (kale, spinach, broccoli, avocado, etc) and then I add a small handful of fruit (peaches, mangos, banana).

I like to top my smoothie bowls with all kinds of healthy nuts and seeds.

My favorite toppings are always crunchy because it really tricks my palette into thinking I'm eating an ice cream sundae or a bowl of frozen yogurt. 

I like to adding toppings that are pretty! Slices of colorful fruit, edible flowers and herbs are my favorite way to add color and a little bit of sweetness.

I also like to get creative and make my smoothie bowls look super pretty because the more beautiful my breakfast is, the less likely I will stuff my face with doughnuts!

1. big handful of spinach, big handful of kale, half avocado, half banana, coconut water
2. handful of strawberries, two bananas, scoop of protein powder, coconut water
3. two big handfuls of spinach, handful of kale, half avocado, small handful of peaches, coconut water
4. three big handfuls of spinach, half avocado, protein powder, coconut water

two big handfuls of spinach, handful of blackberries and strawberries, one banana, coconut water


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