Tuesday, April 26, 2016

sea shell garden

I am obsessed with beach combing and this year has been a really great year for finding treasure! The result is a gigantic shell collection that I am always looking to use in creative ways. Lately I've been using some of my shells as little planters for my baby succulents.

I always set aside the shells that have a large opening. Also since succulents like drainage, I will set aside shells that have holes in them or I will even drill a small hole for drainage. 

I fill the shells with a little soil mixed with pumice and then I tuck my baby succulents into the shells.

While the shells make cute little planters and accessories to use around the house, I really like turning them into a little gardens. 
I use terra-cotta saucers and add all kinds of shells, rocks and my shell planters to create little gardenscapes.

 I use these little shells gardens mixed in with my potted planters and all over my garden.


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