Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NEW class Redefine Creativity and a GIVEAWAY!

My next online class Redefine Creativity goes live this Friday, August 22nd and to celebrate I am giving away 10 free spots to the class! Below you will find all the class information and to enter to win a free spot, scroll all the way to the bottom of the post for details!

While I had been making and selling art since I was a kid, my life changed back in 2005 when I decided to rip a canvas painting off the stretcher bars and sew it into a purse for a wedding I was attending. This moment completely changed the direction of my creative career. Suddenly I discovered a new process- painting canvas and remixing it into all kinds of fashion accessories. 

                                          rip painting from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

Through this process, I learned very quickly that I loved finding new ways to redefine creativity (heck its the concept that my entire business is built on)! Everything from using alternative supplies - to making art on unique surfaces - to finding ways to break the rules, I have been on a non stop mission to get creative in unconventional ways. 

This class is all about finding ways to redefine YOUR creativity. I will demonstrate all of my favorite techniques and concepts- from working with canvas to drawing and painting on unique objects to using simple supplies to make beautiful art to using mixed media to decorate your surroundings, I have created a totally unique class that walks the line between art and craft. Get ready for lots of techniques, art/craft projects and tons of inspiration to redefine your own creativity.

Redefine Creativity is structured into 5 lessons.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SUPPLIES: This class like all of my classes, does NOT have a required supply list. Instead I will be sharing the supplies that I like to use and then give you a variety of options and inspiration to use supplies that work best for your process and your budget.

To enter to win a spot in the class- 

Leave me a comment
Tell me your favorite supply to work with
I'll randomly select 10 people and will announce the winners on Friday!
Good luck!


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