Tuesday, July 01, 2014

pallet table

Now that most of our backyard project is finished we have been trying to decide on an outdoor table. We've looked at everything and really haven't been that inspired or wanted to spend any more money so we decide to transform one of the pallets (from the sod delivery) into a low table. 

Andy, used pieces of 4X4s and screwed them into the bottom of the pallet. 

Note- the slats in pallets are often spaced very far apart and after lots of debate (about filling in those spaces) we decided to keep it as is because our needs for an outdoor table are pretty simple.

He sanded down the top and in a matter of about 15 minutes we had a table that can be used for outdoor meals and entertaining!

I love a low table because instead of chairs you can use pillows! We have been taking our food and snacks outside and making summer meals a little more special!


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