Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY fire pit

As we made progress on our backyard project we had to decide how we wanted to fill all the space that was cleared. We went back and forth on all kinds of ideas- grass everywhere, mounds with plants, more garden space but we finally settled on dividing up the area in different sections.
The biggest area we had to work with was in the back corner of the yard where the ground slopes. The soil is pretty bad for planting and so we decided to create a fire pit. We loved the idea of having a place to gather and hang out after the sun goes down.

We created a circle that we bordered with large river rock.  We laid down a layer of weed barrier and then added a thick layer of pea gravel to the top.

We went back and forth about digging our own fire pit or purchasing a free standing pit. We decided the free standing pit would be easier for us to contain and clean. We added resin adirondack chairs around the circle.

We even hung a few strands of outdoor lights in the trees above. 

Since finishing the backyard project we have been enjoying lots of gatherings out in our fire pit!

We even keep our fire pit essential on hand!

It doesn't get dark around these parts until after 9:00 pm so we've had some early fires before Lucy's bedtime and then once she goes to bed, Andy and I have been sneaking back outside at dusk to enjoy a little time together. It's been like a wonderful little getaway in our own backyard!


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