Friday, June 21, 2013

fashion friday- sharpie the-dye

The sharpie tie-dye technique has been around for a while and I thought it was time that I tried it out and put my spin on it! My goal- less tie-dye look and more pattern.

The supplies are simple- 
Some kind of bowl (could even use a variety of shapes and sizes)
rubbing alcohol
rubber bands
sharpie pens

1. I started by stretching my t-shirt over a small bowl and then wrapped a rubber band around it. 2.Then I started doodling- I used my "signature flower doodle" that I always use for creating simple floral pattern. 3.I added color to my doodle. 4.Then I dipped a brush in rubbing alcohol and lightly brushed it on the surface. Now is when the magic happens- the pigment in the sharpie begins to bleed all the way to the rubber band and your doodle is transformed! 5.The more alcohol you add the more the pigment will bleed.

Last, I removed the rubber band from the bowl and was left with a really unique and colorful design!

I filled half of my t-shirt with lots of doodles. I overlapped them and varied the size by using different sizes of bowls. The result a really funky and colorful t-shirt!


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