Thursday, June 27, 2013

crispy treats

I love anything fried or crispy and with summer here and Independence Day right around the corner, I thought I would share three of my FAVORITE crispy treats that are a little healthier because they are all baked in the oven but still taste YUMMY!

Avocado chips are all the rage right now but they are typically fried. I decided to bake them for healthier version. Add your favorite spices or flavor to the crispy outside and you've got a treat perfect for a salad topper, as a side dish instead of french fries or just eat them right out the oven- like I do!

We eat a lot of tofu in our house and we like it nice and crispy! It is another ingredient that typically needs to be fried to get a good crisp. I've perfected my "crisping method" in the oven (coating with a light oil and baking high on both sides) so well that I will never fry tofu ever again. Serve with vegi's/rice, as an appetizer with dipping sauce or gobble them up fresh out of the oven- once again- the way that I do!

First it was kale and now crispy zucchini chips are sweeping the nation! While a little time consuming to prepare, they are a great alternative to potato chips. Serve them along side your favorite sandwich, throw them in your kids lunch box or have them handy to snack on throughout the day for a low calorie, low carb snack!


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