Thursday, April 04, 2013

more collaboration

Since our painting collaboration, my husband Andy and I have been hard at work combining our creativity! Once a week we sit down and plan out a drawing/painting and then each of us takes time to work on it. First Andy does what he does best- black and grey portraits in pencil and then I go in and "mess it up" with color and pattern. This process of working together on art has been quite simply....MAGIC (and something that seems to be improving our marriage- go figure). We have an entire series planned out that we are creating and soon, very soon we'll be offering prints of our work. I thought I would share a look at one of our recent collaborations. 

P.S. For the last 6 years I've been nagging gently encouraging Andy to create a blog of his own where he can document and share his art. Well, it finally happened! You can head over HERE or if you would like to follow his journey as an artist.


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