Thursday, April 18, 2013

HGTV Home Fabric- Three Ideas

I get all kinds of offers to test and review different products on my blog and since I am very picky I often turn down many of those offers. But when I was contacted by HGTV and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft to review and sew with their new HGTV fabric line, I had to say yes. I love fabric and this line is SUPER fabulous! 

They sent me 1 yard of Urban Berry Blossom and 1 yard of Checkered Past Berry and I went to work getting creative. I couldn't decide on what to make so I went ahead and tackled three REALLY easy projects. 

Just a warning- I rarely if ever follow a pattern when sewing. I prefer more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" approach to sewing (I even wrote a book about it HERE). So this post will not include detailed instruction for patterns instead I am hoping to provide inspiration to use the same fabric in different ways. 

With a toddler in the house I have become obsessed with how to organize and contain all of the toys that we have around. Legos are now a big part of everyday life and I have been trying to come up with a cute way to store them (besides a big plastic tub). I decided that a fabric storage bin would be a stylish storage solution!

This project took me a total of 15 minutes (and with no pattern). The concept is really just a tote bag with no handles. Because the fabric is thick it supports itself.

I used a large piece of each fabric.
Stacked them together and folded in half.
I hemmed the top.
Sewed up both sides.
Sewed across each corner (on the inside).

Turned right side out and voilĂ - a perfect (and cute) storage solution for all those legos!

Lucy is obsessed with flowers. When she sees a flower of any kind she wrinkles up her nose and starts smelling it. So when I saw the bold flowers in the Urban Berry Blossom fabric I couldn't resist making tiny flower pillows for her. 

I cut out the flowers and sewed them into pillows. I even used the trim that was included with my fabric to embellish the pillows. 

The result- toddler size pillows perfect for play! 
She immediately starting smelling them.

I love purses and a cross body purse always comes in handy for me and my busy life. I thought the big bold flowers would make a really fun spring purse!

I used an envelope as my inspiration, added a button and a strap.

I loved working with this fabric and am excited about the entire line-so many fun prints and patterns!

 The folks at HGTV and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft were kind enough to offer a coupon to my readers on the fabric line (in store and online). I'm heading over to do a little shopping (I need more fabric bins!)


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