Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a peek into larger than life

My latest online class- Larger Than Life is well under way and I am having so much messy fun creating and filming in the studio that I just couldn't resist sharing a tiny peek into the class!

The best part about this class (and all of my online classes) is that you can register at any time and work at your own pace AND you have unlimited access! Visit my shop for more information on Larger Than Life.


  1. This has given me the absolute perfect idea on how to decorate our new apartment! I recently bought a huuuuuge slab of canvas that I'll just cut to a big, random size and go at it. Fun!

  2. Beautiful Alyssa - If I had the time this is the class I would take. Hopefully some day! Love the peaks into your studio!

  3. Love the look into this class.
    I am also a MIXED Media ART Instructor!
    I have your book and GOOD LUCK WITH THE CLASS!!!!
    Please check out my ART Blog... www.suemarrazzo.blogspot.com

  4. I am currently taking this class and I highly recommend it ! It's so much fun. I am about to go paint BIG in the studio Now! Am kinda giddy!

  5. sophie hamot2:27 PM

    j'adore ! ça semble tellement facile !

  6. Hey Alisa!
    I took your graffiti chic 2 class. How does this differ from that?

    Thank you

  7. Oooo, would love to go big. I'm doing your sketch class now and it is so chock full of great teaching. I know this would be so helpful. My studio can only accomadate sketch books, not big canvases. One day...

  8. I so want to take this now! Looks like so much fun!

  9. Thanks for the sneak peek! I hope you continue to offer this class in future years. Then I can take it once my little boys are in school and I have my studio to myself again :)

  10. Will you offer this class in your studio (not o line)?

  11. This looks so fun - love the sneak peek!



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