Friday, June 15, 2012

fashion friday- graphic bangles

I am pretty much obsessed with bangle bracelets and wanted to create and my own graphic nbangles using one my favorite materials- shrink plastic (AKA shrinky dinks).

1. I started by cutting stripes from of the shrink plastic and doodled on the surface with permanent marker. 2. I covered the entire surface. 3. I created a variety of strips with different doodles.

4. Next I cut little triangles into each edge of the strips (could also punch a hole). 5. I baked the shrink plastic strips in the oven for about 30 seconds and then removed them. While they were still warm, I placed them over the top of a glass jar to get a slight bend as they hardened. 6.For a couple of the bracelets I added a chain.

7. For the rest of my bracelets I used stretchy cord tied through the triangles. 8. I filled the cord with colorful beads.

Simple, unique and graphic bangles!

IMG_5254 copy


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