Friday, May 04, 2012

fashion friday - funky nails

IMG_4507 copy
I'm not much a "get your nails done" type of gal- probably because I work so much with my hands- but once in a while I like to try a fun color of polish at home. But with my creative life and a baby around I never seem to have time because I have to factor in drying. If and when I do paint my nails they always get ruined before they are dry. So I thought I would give the nail polish strips a try and WOW do they work! And the best part is that they come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns- perfect for a little bit of self expression!

They basically look like peel off stickers in the shape of a nail but longer.

You just stick them to your nail, file and then pull away the excess length. I decided to alternate a metallic grey with a neat black and white pattern- who says all of your nails have to be the same?! I doubted their sticking strength but somehow they adhere like polish and they don't come off unless you use remover! Mine have been lasting for weeks at a time (unless I ruin them with paint). Its a great alternative painting your nails and a fun way to get funky with your nails!

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