Tuesday, January 17, 2012

vegan/gluten free mac & cheese

I am happy to report that the changes I have made to my diet over the past 3 months since Lucy was born have helped tremendously with controlling her reflux. I have cut out all dairy (and been eating vegan as much as possible), no spicy and acidic foods and gotten rid of most wheat (gluten)! Talk about discipline folks!!! Something in these changes have not only made a difference for Lucy's tummy but have made me feel really amazing both inside and out!

But boy do I miss creamy cheesy dishes! So I set out scouring the internet (thanks to many of you for the links!!) to get inspired to create some of my own recipes to somehow recreate or at least come close to some dishes that would satisfy my cravings. Let me just say nothing will come close or taste like real cheesy goodness- at least to me- but I am so happy that I can enjoy something a healthy and keep my dear daughter comfortable.

After doing tons of research and reading lots of recipes here is my take on a quick vegan and gluten free mac & cheese.

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There are all sorts of gluten free pastas out there- Whole Foods and Trader Joes seem to have the a bigger selection but I have also been able to find some options at the regular grocery store too.

Boil pasta and drain water leaving just a little pasta water in with the noodles and return pan to burner set to low heat.

Add the pureed squash to the noodles (you can buy this frozen or puree your own).

Add grated vegan cheese (this is actually a really great dairy free option- it melts and tastes almost like real cheese!)

Mix in the salt, pepper, spices and mustard.

Optional- add a dollop of vegan butter or margarine.

Keep mixing everything on low until the cheese is melted.

The result is a quick creamy pasta dish that tastes like light version of mac & cheese and is perfect for adding your favorite vegis, meatless sausage or even the real thing.




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