Saturday, January 29, 2011

a peek

I am here at CHA and as promised I am taking all of you inside! First I wanted to share some work that I did months ago for the iLoveToCreate booth. On top of doing demos for iLoveToCreate this weekend, back in the fall they also asked me to create two "racing themed" outfits for their racing themed booth (one using only fabric markers and one using only dimensional paint). Though I can quickly and easily come up with all kinds of creative ideas, I have to admit the racing theme was challenging at first but FINALLY after thought and planning I finally came up with two outfits that turned out really cool! And what was even more cool was seeing them on styled mannequins on display in the booth! Here is a peek-

I used Tulip fabric markers to completely alter a canvas motorcycle jacket with lots and lots and LOTS of doodles and drawings.

Here is the jacket in the midst of creation in my studio. TIME CONSUMING to say the least!

And here it is all finished in the booth!



The second outfit was made completely with dimensional paint. I used a plain white button up shirt and TOTALLY covered the entire surface with dimensional paint.

This was probably the messiest, most challenging project I have tackled in a while! Here it is halfway through creation. (sorry for the bad photo!)

I added all kinds of dimensional details like lines, dots and checkers.


I added patches to the sleeves made with dimensional paint.

I used a jersey mini skirt and covered the ENTIRE surface with black and white checkers.


And here it is in the booth!


While these are obviously more "novelty" outfits and I can't imagine wearing them- it is really fun to see just how far one product or supply will go in a project. More to come!


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