Wednesday, January 05, 2011

new online class- sketchbook delight and giveaway!


Ok friends, for the last year you have been asking and I finally made it happen- a class completely dedicated to sketching. By now you probably know that drawing/sketching is something that I am passionate about and I think every creative person- no matter the medium- MUST learn and work at consistently.


The most basic you can get is to draw and it is the simplest (cheapest) and most pure process you can incorporate into your daily creative routine. For some reason it has always reminded me of running- you can take it anywhere, it is free, simple, requires lots of discipline, doesn't always feel good and the more time you spend doing it the better you get.


Drawing/sketching has been with me my whole life, it has been a faithful companion that has challenged, comforted and brought me joy. But with the onslaught of technology, distraction that comes with life and the discipline that it takes, often it is difficult to be consistent. Now is your chance to carve out some time, learn the basics and discover the joy and delight of sketching! For a peek inside my own sketchbook click here

In addition to launching registration for the class today I am giving away 3 free slots- scroll all the way down for info :)


Its time to get back to basics! Time to enjoy the simplicity, the growth and the delight that comes from drawing and sketching. This online class will introduce you to keeping a sketchbook, finding the right tools for your process, learn how to sketch and draw with a variety of simple techniques, easy exercises that will help you to find your own unique sketching style, interviews and advice from a variety of artists who love to sketch, ways to find inspiration out in the world (and off the computer), realistic ways to carve out time to exercise your sketching muscle and so much more.

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In addition to launching registration today, I am also giving away three FREE spots in the class!


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