Saturday, January 15, 2011

a last minute golden globe party

Do you ever feel like you want a good excuse to play dress up? To put on a big frilly dress, red lipstick and do something special? Well if I am going to be honest and this is embarrassing- I DO! I spend my days in yoga pants and t-shirts, I rarely wear makeup any more, shave my legs once a week and if I am going to be really honest I typically forget to put on deodorant.

IMG_0180 copy
The other day while browsing at the mall (for yet another pair of stretchy pants) I found myself in the prom section reminiscing about high school dances (funny because back in the day I never enjoyed them). I was wishing I had an excuse to try on dresses when it hit me... who needs an excuse?! I proceeded go wild and grab handfuls of fluffy, sparkly dresses and tried them all on! While practicing my best red carpet pose in the mirror, I remembered that the Golden Globes were this weekend- (tonight actually) and being an award show junkie I decided right there in the JC Penny dressing room (not very glamourous- I know!) to have a last minute Golden Globe party. A perfect excuse for a little dress up!

Here are a few ideas for your own last minute party!

Number one reason to have an award show party is to dress up- even if its just a little bit! Don't go out and buy a dress but instead find something fun (or funny) in your closet to wear for the evening. Make sure to take silly photos!

Not in the mood? Put a flower in your hair, sparkly earrings or some pretty shoes. I think I am going to wear my pajamas, an updo, a flower in my hair and red lipstick :)

Nothing says glam like bright lipstick!

Force your loved ones to dress up.

And by force I mean nicely ask if they will wear homemade bow ties :)

Have everyone make their winner picks early in the evening.

Pull out the pretty glasses and plates!

Since it's last minute don't make anything too time consuming. Instead turn your dinner into small appetizer size portions

or stick a tooth pick in everything!

Play movie trivia at the commercials

and most important, kick back and have a little fun :)


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