Tuesday, January 04, 2011

hickory smoked tuna quesadillas

I know that I have shared a number of times how darn challenging it is for me to eat healthy while working at home all day. When I worked at a job I used to savor my lunch breaks- I even took my time and I always had something good to eat. But when I made the transition to working from home, somehow I stopped taking lunch breaks, I often forget to eat until I have the shakes and when I do eat, I am SO tempted to eat quick things (often while dashing through the kitchen) that do not count as a meal. I kid you not I could devour an entire jar of Claussen pickles for breakfast, a large bag of animal cookies for lunch... and snacks... don't even get me started on the temptation of snacking on anything and everything! The only way I can be healthy, keep up my energy and eat complete meals is by planning out my food for the week. A few months ago I came across this easy recipe for hickory smoked tuna quesadillas- I was thrilled to have another budget friendly and tasty meal to add to my weekly meal plan!

Next to the cans of tuna you will find these little packets of Starkist seasoned tuna- now let me just say I am not a big tuna fan but these seasoned options are super yummy and don't have a very fishy taste. My favorite is the hickory smoked flavor- it actually tastes more like chicken and is low in calories (if you are counting).

On the back is a great recipe for quesadillas and is really easy to alter and prepare to your liking. Here is how I make mine-

Just mix a little cream cheese with the packet of tuna (one packet typically makes me about three meals)

I used about 1 1/2 heaping spoonfuls of cream cheese for the batch.

I like to add chili pepper for a little heat and a pinch of salt and pepper.
Typically I add vegetables- like diced onions and red peppers but much to my dismay I completely forgot these two ingredients while grocery shopping.
You could really add just about anything- jalapenos, tomatoes, spinach, kale or any favorite vegis or keep it simple.

I always use whole grain or multi grain tortillas- a healthier alternative to the white tortillas.

Spread the tuna on one side

and add your favorite kind of cheese to the top.

Fold in half

and cook in lightly greased pan. I use my favorite grill pan because I like how the grill marks look (I know- SILLY!) and my quesadillas seem to get a little crispier but a regular pan will work just as well.

Cook for about 3 minutes on each side or until the cheese has melted and the outside is crispy- the crispier- the better! For an even healthier option you could bake it in the oven.

Let cool just a little.

Cut into slices.

I like to make a simple dip with a little light sour cream, hot chili sauce and a tiny bit of lime juice.

Mix together and serve on the side.

I always eat my quesadillas with a little side of greens or a salad.

This meal never fails to fill me up and gives me enough energy to get through hours of work and even exercise at the end of the day!


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