Friday, April 23, 2010

the north oregon rock monster

There is something quite special about Oregon forests- the trees are tall, there is moss everywhere, miles of green stretching above and below, magic in the fresh air and a wonderful silence everywhere. Often it feels that you are not alone and there are moments when you think something could be watching you from the bushes and often... something is watching.

The best part of Oregon forests- particularly those that are located north and found near the coast- are creatures that are native to this area called the North Oregon Rock Monster. They are found near water, off of mountain trails, in trees and in little green pockets of moss and undergrowth. Legend is that they come from the depths of the ocean but after centuries of living beneath the chill of coastal waters, they migrated to land for a change of scenery.

While rock monsters are colorful, they are small and quite elusive- often emerging from the brush after your back is turned. They are known to toy with hikers on the trail, popping up in trees and hiding in the most obvious places but never being spotted.

Today my dad and I set out to track some rock monsters that were sighted in our area. After hours of searching, we came upon a pod of monsters that we followed deep into the forest and we were able to get some rare shots of this family in their environment.

please note- the forest was not damaged in creating this post and the rock monsters were packed up and taken home :)


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