Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a few updates...

open to the public and FREE!
This will be an interactive event full of inspiration and creativity- I will be signing books, getting messy and giving you the opportunity to create!

(yep,another one of my shameless plugs for Oregon!)


I just updated my shop with a handful of new goodies and there is more to come!


I will be hosting a live chat- ALL DAY
Tuesday April 6th 9am-5pm EST
I will be be online to chat, answer questions and just get to know all of you out there!

It will be held on my public Ning site "Redefine Creativity"
I created this site for others to connect after a class has ended or a retreat is over or if you just want to get involved in some additional things that I offer. If you have taken one of my classes (online or other) this is a place to keep in touch and continue to share your work, connect with others and find inspiration. Feel free to invite your friends, share your work and be creative. While I won't be teaching classes on this site I will using it to host live chats and other creative opportunities!

To participate follow the link to the invitaion below


And last, I was asked by a reader yesterday if I would show my wreaths in context to the space they are in- great request and easy to share! I actually have another growing art wall in our bedroom where I alternate my favorite wreaths with the seasons!


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