Sunday, March 14, 2010

another birthday has come and gone

I am happy to report that another birthday has come and gone and I am so pleased that my "birthday requests" were listened to by loved ones. As practical (and boring) as the requests sounded to my family, they respected my need to have the kind of birthday celebration that I TRULY wanted- no expensive dinners or gifts! Instead I got a much anticipated shopping spree at IKEA for some new things in the house, moved furniture around in the living room, assisted my husband in hanging new curtains and rolling out a giant new area rug, slept in, organized and cleaned out my closet, received and read lots of fashion magazines, ate a fabulous home cooked meal with family, and consumed lots and lots of cream puffs for dessert (and for breakfast this morning and maybe a few at lunch).
So far, being thirty-five is pretty good.


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