Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Classes, Classes and More Classes

Student's messy hands at ArtFiberFest

I have been working pretty hard on a number of projects lately- the first to share is that I will be offering more online classes!! And while the 5 week online classes that I offer have been going splendid, I've heard from many people that they can't register for the dates that are offered. So, after lots of thought, I decided to start a series of mini workshops that will be accessible for 6 months after you register.  To begin with I will be offering just the mini classes in this format and hopefully then offer some more extensive classes that are more like the 5 week format. Everything will go live on June 1st but right now the workshops are available for pre registration if you want to get a jump on it.

*******Graffiti Chic started on May 11th and runs for 5 weeks - you can register any time before the last day of class!  Click here for more information!********

The next 5 week online class will start in July and I have something really fun planned so stay tuned!


The Mini Workshop
The mini work shop is a small version of the 5 week online classes that I teach.  It is one specific project or a technique based class that you can login and access for up to 6 months after registration. This means you have six months to download and access the information, there is no date to plan for or time to set aside on your calendar you have control over when you want to create.  The mini workshop is also more affordable option that I thought would be nice for those out there on a budget.  

The Mini Workshop Includes:
5-10 videos (depending on the subject)
Photos for inspiration
Step by step directions
Pdf to download
Depending on the class- patterns, designs, sketches to download and use in your projects


Canvas Collage Mini Workshop $30.00
This class will introduce you to everything you need to know about painter’s canvas.  You will learn a variety of ways to work with canvas using acrylic paint, image transfers, iron transfers, and more.  We will make use of raw, stretched, and primed canvas to build up layers that are glued and sewn together to create a unique piece of art ready to hang on the wall. 

To Register

All Mini Classes go live on June 1st!!



Hand Carved Stamps- Mini Workshop $30.00

Why purchase stamps when you can make your own?!? I only make my own stamps and with a background in printmaking I have discovered unique ways to create pattern with hand carved stamps and assembled materials This is a technique mini workshop where you will learn a variety of unique ways to create stamps. With a combination of videos, photos, blog and pattern downloads you will become a pro at making your own simple stamps! This is a beginner level class- if you have experience in making stamps, this may be a repeat to you. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

To Register

All Mini Classes go live on June 1st!!


Karoda said...

Hi Alisa, I signed up for the Graffitti workshop but haven't received any notification at all except for my paypal receipt. HELP!

Carey said...

Hi Alisa-
I was interested in taking your canvas collage class and the stamp class but I seen they both start on June 1.
Would they conflict if I signed on for both?

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Alisa, I signed up for the Collage online workshop but, also, haven't received any notification at all except for my paypal receipt.

Melly Testa said...

I would like to do the Canvas Collage Mini workshop but have questions too. Can we start at any time?


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