Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bad Back..AGAIN!!

Unfortunately I haven't had the best couple of days- my back is thrown out AGAIN.  And while I have changed my work habits since earlier this year I  still have lots of work to do finding balance i my life and better care for my body.  A bad back means very little work for me and of course it lands at a time when I have lots of stuff to do!  Thankfully I have been able to paint even with a bad back and have another little preview of work that will soon be made into prints for my shop!


Anonymous said...

I have a bad back, lower and around shoulder blades and other injuries, hamstring, etc and I just started therapy with this class iv laser called a k-laser and a hydromassage table and even after one visit I felt an unbelievable difference. My back pain has been excrutiating for about a year now, every time I stood for a while and then tried to bend my back to sit down I was dying. This laser stimulate cells or something like that, supposed to heal tendons, ligaments, loosen up trigger point muscle spasms. Whatever it does, all I know is I felt like maybe I can get my life back. I bought a package of 12 treatments at the place for $600 so if I go 3x a week for now, will set me back $600 for the month, but hopefully after that will need less times a week or only occasionally for maintenance. There are couple other class iv lasers, but I'm not sure if avicenna is as good from what I've heard but I heard the litecure class 4 laser is good tho.

The Dreaming Bear said...

Sorry to hear about your back! Isn't that the way....these things come back to challenge us when we don't need them! Just picked up Where Women Create (that mag is so yummy!)...LOVED the article about your studio and your work! Thanks for sharing!

april said...

The back thing sucks but the fish rocks. Rock on sister.

Karen Cole said...

I'm in the same boat, plus I just had shoulder surgery which has exasserbated the back problem even more.

You are lucky that you can still work.

I miss your class. It was a joy to play with your techniques. I was in Paris 3 weeks ago and saw an amazing international "tag" exhibit, that I probably would not have seen if I hadn't taken your class, so thanks!!!

Cory said...

Alisa...would like to take the may 11 class but can not find your email address. I have a question.
Thank you


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