Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cheap and Handmade!

I love Christmas because it always inspires my creativity!! I love making ornaments, decorating and creating all kinds of gifts for people. I have lived in San Diego for 7 years and often it is hard to get in the holiday spirit when it is sunny and 80 degrees in December!!  Both my hubby and I have always been out of town for Christmas or too busy for decorating! After purchasing our first home this spring and all the hard work on our house I decided that this year we would get a tree, decorate and not be distracted by being busy...we would decorate OUR WAY!!  Living in a beach town we decided to go for a funky beach cottage tree to match our white wood floors and cottage home!!  Instead of buying a fresh tree I opted for a $20 fake tree from Target and then I spray painted it white (can you believe that fake white trees cost $199.00?!?!?!?) I sprayed the tree with white primer and while it was drying I created all the decorations!  Like a garland made from junk mail painted pink, colorful hand painted painted glass balls, canvas flowers, ornaments that I have made through the years, a little silver tinsel and a hand sewn canvas star for the top!  All hand made and very cheap- just what I like!!!!


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