Monday, November 03, 2008

Big Dreams Graffiti Bag- GIVE AWAY!!

So I have been procrastinating about doing a give away on my blog- not enough time, what if nobody comments, blah, blah, blah!! But I am proud to say that I have a nice inventory of stuff built up for the holidays and more to come and thought it would be a perfect time to give something away!  This bag is one of my favorites- made to look similar to the bag on the front of Canvas Remix it is full of my favorite little mantras (that I seem to repeat over and over to myself all day long!!) like Always Be You and Dream Big Dreams as well as lots of graffiti and messy paint!

So heres the deal- leave me a comment letting me know what your big dream is and by the end of the day tomorrow- I will draw a name and the bag will be yours- yipeee!!!


Kara said...

I'm new to reading your blog, so happy to find big dream? being in the flow to create open and honest art more often...or bigger than that? bigger than that, my dreams are my secrets...

Rivergallery said...

My big dream is to raise two healthy God fearing/loving, caring men. Who I teach well enough to be smart and go on to pursue their own dreams. So in all, to make a difference in the lives of children, starting with my own.

Laurie said...

Well..I actually own your book and a small dream would be to own a piece of your work. A bigger dream would be to write a book of my own! Love your attitude towards color and all things canvas. Keep on creating!

Fingers crossed..

Long Black Eyelahes said...

Oh, pick me! Pick me! I am a regular on your blog and by the way, i cant find your book anywhere or i would of bought it by now, have asked for it many times at B&N, i need to order it online. But i Love your work! I was at Art Fiber Fest last year and when you posted your pic walking the beach this year, i coulda kicked myself for not going this year. My dream is to keep making art till i die, and to publish a journal-book of my ADD life.

lee said...

I own a small peice of your work, a small canvas book which I love. I love that bag I want dream is to have enough talent that somebody would want to buy something from me.

lee said...
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Heather said...

As you know I got your book but this bag is GROOVY!!
Hmm, my big dream is to actually make a decent wage as a stay at home mom/ artist. I am getting there but it sure is hard!!
Thanks again for the wonderful class!! I have been playing with canvas!

johanna said...

my big dream is to be able to quit my job and create all day long... not selling it, just create (ok, that would mean to have a bigger house LOL, suppose this is a second big dream...)
boy, would i be proud to get a bag of you!! big dream no.3, hehe... (seems i have a lot of dreams...)

Warped1 said...

My big dream is to share my art with others and to encourage people that as long as you believe in your dreams - no matter what they are - you cam make the great things happen

Joanie Hoffman said... marry a rich old man with a British accent (everything is negotiable except the accent!).
Thanks for the giveaway.
Happy days,

Dale Anne Potter said...

I'm new to your blog also and am thoroughly enjoying reading it, sorry that I haven't commented much.

My big dream to have my garage finally changed into a studio and then my art would be paying my way!!!

chrissie grace said...

Hi Alisa
I have so many big dreams...where do I begin? My biggest one right now is to build my own house on one or two acres of land. The house would have 5-6 bedrooms, a beautiful custom kitchen, a jacuzzi bathtub, and my own studio on property.
Not too shabby-huh?
Loooove the bag!
Chrissie Grace

nadia said...

my big dream? to be able to tell my husband that he can retire cause I got the income making aRt! that is my BIG dream! love your stuff btw!

Ellen Lyn said...

Oh my, am I too late?? I hope not!! My big dream at the moment is to find a wonderful house in my home town with four bedrooms (2 for the kids, one for me & Sweetie Pie and one for the art supplies), and a sweet, little shady yard, and a quaint guest house (like a little cottage type house) for Mom. Not impossible, very doable in fact but not so easy to find...I'm still on the hunt!!!

Thanks for the chance to win such a cool's a beauty!!

civil said...

your artwork and creativity are inspiring and always have been. i will buy your dreams made true anyday and not take one for free, but i will relate to you my big dream anyday. which is for all the individuals who i spread love to - to accept that love and spread it on. simple but true.

love you girlfriend.

~Valentina~ said...

Oiisch!! Hope I'm not late to win the bag :) My BIG dream right now is make all the money I want doing what I *LOVE*

LucyLuxx said...

My dream is to make enough money to supplement my income - I am a single mom of two and we "flirt" with the poverty line on a regular basis. I have a job in a homeless shelter but it doesn't pay much but it works around my kids' school schedule which is extremely important to me - to be there for them all the time.
I have an art background - I just have been out of the field for years. I plan to start selling online as soon as I can start taking decent pictures that actually show my items in a realistic manner. I also need to regularly write a blog and make it pertinant to my life/art - right now I am making things like crazy and praying alot!
I found your blog and art thru another blog - I love this bag you are giving away! I have never seen anything like it and would love to own it!
I find yours and other blogs very inspiring - it makes me think that I can do this too - it gives me hope.

Kim said...

I love looking at your work, my big dream is to work with abused children and make a difference in their life even if it means just giving them a hug.



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